field support


Jeff Rawson is an partner and field operations coordinator for HPFS Solutions. With a diverse background in mechanics, logistics, and field support roles, he is ideally suited for a variety of work environments. Growing up on a dairy farm and subsequently working in the agricultural industry taught him valuable skills in critical thinking and problem solving. The completion of an automotive trade certificate and apprenticeship exposed him to the concept of repairing and improvisation with limited resources, which led to opening his own business in small engine repair and custom machinery. Since that time, he has held various positions that have allowed him to gain experience in non-traditional environments which developed his skills in communication, teamwork, leadership and logistical planning as well as strengthened his mechanical abilities. Jeff's personal interest in photography has also served as an asset for documentation, promotion, and publication. Having a strong love of the outdoors has also led him on numerous climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking adventures in New Zealand and throughout the World.

Jeff's skill set includes:

  • Photography and videography
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Camp construction and maintenance
  • Exhibition mounting and construction
  • Medical and first aid
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Machinery and equipment operator
  • 4 wheel drive qualified
  • Artifact handling