GAPS, LLC provides preservation and conservation advice and treatment to individual clients and organizations that are responsible for maintaining collections or Objects related to cultural heritage. 

Our experience is with historic, artistic, and archaeological objects composed of a variety of materials including composites, metals, ceramics, glass, leather, wood, textiles, rope, ivory, and skeletal materials. All of our conservators are members of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) and abide by the ethical codes and guidelines for practice.  For more help on finding a conservator in your area, please visit the AIC websites. See below for more details about our practice and the services we offer.

Our Story

Susanne Grieve Rawson is a principal for Global Artifact Preservation Services, LLC and specializes in object conservation. Over the past 15 years she has enjoyed serving in many roles related to cultural heritage preservation, material culture, and archaeology including non-profit, education, and private practice environments. In addition to contract work she is currently a PhD candidate at Victoria University Wellington in the Museum and Heritage Studies program. Her specialty is working with sites and objects in coastal and maritime environments, although she has been fortunate to work with a variety of materials and in locations from the Arctic to the Antarctic and across the Near East and Africa. Susanne's experiences encompass a wide range of material types and environments which make her well suited to serve a diverse community of heritage organizations with a range of collection needs.



Wherever your collection is located and whatever your preservation needs may be, contact us today to see how we can help! We offer a variety of services related to workshops and training opportunities, consultations and advice, and assessments and treatment. See below for more details.


When was the last time your collection was evaluated for condition and conservation needs? We are available to complete surveys and assessments on individual objects or whole collections. Depending on the size of the collection or object, surveys can take from one day to several weeks. Conservators can provide useful advice and evaluations on storage conditions, facility examinations, and provide information on the display of your collection.


We are available to perform conservation treatments on a variety of objects and material types. The length of treatment time depends on the amount of deterioration and the type of treatment. Whether it is one object or 150, contact us today for an estimate.

Treatments include a condition assessment, before treatment and after treatment visual documentation, treatment report and suggestions for future display and storage conditions. All information will be provided electronically to the client unless requested otherwise. 


We can assist your project with on site advice and consultation, in situ consolidation and preservation, and establish a field laboratory including an option of training students. With our certification in recreational and technical diving, we can also meet your needs in underwater cultural heritage management. 


When you experience a disaster in your collection, it can feel overwhelming. The American Institute for Conservation Disaster Response and Recovery site has information on how to respond to an emergency in your collection and disaster recovery. We are available to assist with these situations, are First Aid & CPR certified, and have emergency scenario experience and training for situations involving people, structures, and collections.


We are available to perform community or professional workshops. Training opportunities including topics such as: 

  • Handling Objects

  • Microclimate Environments

  • Preventative Conservation

  • Caring for Your Antiques

  • Science in Conservation

We are also available to speak at functions or public events. Workshops include handouts, supplies, the use of a projector and laptop.


2019 FEE SCHEDULE (Inclusive of Taxes)

  • Supplies and Equipment: Charges cover consumable supplies and equipment use where applicable.

  • Mileage: Charged when personal vehicle is used. Includes fuel charges.

  • Parking: Fees billed where necessary. Charged at direct cost rate.

  • Airfare: Arranged when staff is needed on site and is outside of acceptable driving distances. Charged at direct cost rate.

  • Vehicle Rental: Rental vehicles are procured as necessary to relocate large objects or for local transportation when on site. Charged at direct cost rate.

  • Fuel: Based on mileage. Charged when rental car is used.

  • Accommodation: Varies based on location. The client can arrange for accommodation or it will be billed accordingly. Every effort will be made to find the lowest possible rate in a location close to the work site. Charged at direct cost rate.

  • Meals: Charged when staff is needed on site or for out of state projects.

  • Professional Fees: Includes services or consultation and final reporting. Based on per project estimate.



We accept a variety of payment forms including funds transfers, PayPal, check, cash, and money order. When paying by check, please address it to Global Artifact Preservation Services. Thank you for your business!

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